A Eugene sandwich secret

My sister's vegetarian sandwich.

Yesterday afternoon, I caught up with my sister over a delicious lunch at Capella Market. Capella is a natural food store on Willamette and their secret is their sandwich. This isn’t like a chain sub shop with bland vegetables and questionable meat on crappy bread. For a mere $4, you can get a huge hearty sandwich from their deli with an almost endless amount of good quality ingredients.

The $4 sandwich is their half sandwich but they appear to just cut off a corner tip of a whole sandwich and count it as a half. The bread is from local bakeries, the meat and cheese is from a long list of choices and you can have as many fresh veggies as you want. Some of the special ingredients such as avocado or tofu pate are a bit more expensive but still good options. And of course, it comes with chips and a pickle to round off the meal. They take a few minutes to put the sandwich together so while you’re waiting, take some time to wander the aisles of Capella, they have great local products.

My sister and I were lucky enough to go on a sunny afternoon so we sat at the tables in front of the store. But sunny or not, I would advise their sandwiches to anybody looking for a quick and affordable lunch option that will fill you up.


One thought on “A Eugene sandwich secret

  1. How exciting that you have a new food blog! You beat me to it. I look forward to your critiques of our local restaurants (and come August, our local drinking establishment).

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