A simple snack dinner

A quick and easy snack dinner for three

Simplicity is often hard to find in this buzzing era we’re in – never-ending changes in technology, muddled politics, cultural boundaries disappearing. Something that keeps me content amid the chaos is an easy but delicious meal.

My favorite simple dinner that I have found over the years is snack dinner and this is exactly what I had a few nights ago. With a couple of friends we brought together french bread, gouda cheese, an apple, red wine and of course chocolate and the meal hit the spot.

Maybe it wasn’t Julia Childs gourmet dinner and not all of the food groups were represented but I was satisfied. Sometimes, it’s not about spending hours in the kitchen preparing four dishes but instead picking up a couple items at the store and meeting friends to share them with that perfect an evening.


2 thoughts on “A simple snack dinner

  1. It looks fabulous. We’ve had a couple snack dinners (or lunches) here, but yesterday had an Easter feast in Assisi. Complete with getting stuck for an hour in an elevator (we had already eaten, though.)

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