A ham-free Easter dinner

Easter – a time for spiral cut ham, quiche and sticky jellybeans. Meh, no thanks. This year, with my mother not around to prepare a masterful Easter dinner, I decided to tackle it on my own. Recently, I have discovered a new love for asparagus. And of course, Easter dinners need eggs. So my menu ended up being a potato herb frittata, lemon asparagus and a green salad with cupcakes from The Divine Cupcake for dessert.

The process was easy enough and not very time consuming. I was mostly winging it with only a few brief glances in Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone by Deborah Madison (great book by the way, easy to follow). I used it to check on preparing asparagus and temperatures for the frittata. Playing it by ear maybe wasn’t my best decision but nothing burned or was undercooked, my two biggest fears, so it was a meal I was proud to say I made.

The nervous chef with a hot frittata

The asparagus with lemon wedges
Chocolate vegan cupcake – delicious!

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