A quick cocktail

In the warmth of the spring afternoon, I sat out on the porch, reading and enjoying my new favorite drink – a light and fruity cocktail perfect for celebrating the sun.

Ready to head outside

A few minutes before, I was feeling summery so I rummaged through the fridge and produced two lonely strawberries, orange juice, and gin. These three little ingredients aren’t anything special like homemade syrup or lime tree leaves but they did come together to create a delicious cocktail.

I blended up one of the strawberries with a splash of the juice in an immersion blender. Then I stirred in about 8 more ounces of juice and a shot of gin before pouring the whole thing over ice. For a final touch, I halved the other strawberry and threw it in.

It was the epitome of summer adding to a perfect afternoon and I can’t wait for more opportunities to experiment with drinks once the sun comes to stay.


One thought on “A quick cocktail

  1. Delicious! I do love gin cocktails. I plan on making some more extravagant cocktails with the use of my juicer. First on the list: cucumber, lemon, ginger, gin cocktail.

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