“Bananas are the devil”

My oldest sister seems to think that bananas are some hellish fruit out to get the world. I’m not sure I believe that. They aren’t my favorite fruit but I do eat them, and when I do, I like them best yellow, if not a bit green still.

With this in mind, when I was cleaning the kitchen a couple of weeks ago and found a forgotten bunch of bananas way past ripe, I knew I wouldn’t eat them. Instead, I threw them in the freezer for later and Sunday evening, they found their use in a batch of banana chocolate chip muffins.

I used a Bon Appétit recipe from Epicurious which was pretty straightforward. However, I did make a few changes.

I find that it’s easy for breads and muffins with carrots, bananas, etc. to be too dry so I put in 4 bananas instead of 2 and halved the amount of butter. Also, I used whole wheat flour instead of all-purpose. And instead of mixing the chocolate chips in before, I sprinkled them on top after I filled the muffin trays. This was because last time, they sank to the bottom when I mixed them in before.

They weren’t dry, which was my biggest concern, but they were a bit too sweet and could have used about half the amount of sugar. Overall, I was happy with them and thought they made a great snack.

Just out of the oven

3 thoughts on ““Bananas are the devil”

  1. Good idea! I’ve been wanting to bake with the dry carrot pulp leftover from my juicer. I usually put it in the compost, but I know all that fibery goodness could make a good and nutritious baked delicacy. I too prefer under ripe bananas, still a little green, but there’s a place for the mushy ones.

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