I can’t believe I made a Barbie cake

With a friend of mine and my sister’s 23rd birthday coming up, we wanted to do something special and naturally, my sister had the idea for a Barbie cake. Yes, the kind that little girls have at their princess-themed birthday parties. I feared disaster, first with actually making the proper shape and then with the decoration. But my fears went unfound.

We made a simple yellow cake with part of the batter in a regular cake pan and the other in a stainless steel bowl. They both came out beautifully, most likely to our uncommon diligence in following the recipe.

The next day we decorated. We had jam to keep the two cakes together and a standard vanilla icing to cover the skirt. Then, in went Barbie, (just her torso and up, due to our uncertainty of how to make the legs fit) and with sprinkles, coconut and robot figures galore, Barbie was ready to party!

All 24 candles, blown out!

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