Oh what shall I do with beans?

This afternoon I decided to experiment with beans. Most of my experience is heating up a can of beans for a salad or burritos. And although that was pretty much what I was working with when I looked in the cupboard, I decided to test the waters and make them more fun to cook and more flavorful to eat.

I drained most of a can of black beans, leaving some of the liquid and emptying it into a frying pan on medium heat. I added about a 1/4 cup of salsa, as well as the juice from half of a lime, a clove of pressed garlic and a pinch of salt and cumin.

I let this simmer for a bit, letting much of the liquid cook away and some of the beans break down. I tasted it as it cooked and added more of the varying ingredients until I was happy with the flavor. I served it, topped it with more salsa, a dollop of sour cream and cilantro. I threw some chips on the side and it made a great little lunch!


2 thoughts on “Oh what shall I do with beans?

  1. I often cook black beans. I get them bulk at Sundance though. Don’t be intimidated to do it all from scratch, it’s pretty simple, especially with a slow cooker! I rinse the beans, then put them in the crock pot with twice as much water or stock, turn on low to cook for most of a day. Then you have a shit-ton of beans! I make half of it into bean dip, in the food processor, blurred up with garlic, lime, chili (dried or fresh, like jalapeño), cumin, coriander, or whatever. I use the remainder of cooked beans to add to rice or quinoa dishes…yumm fiber!!

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