Coconut Night!

My mother received 98 ounce can of coconut milk from a friend a few months ago. There was talk about a coconut blowout and finally last night, the can was opened as she prepared for an immense coconut meal.

The extravaganza included coconut soaked grilled kale, coconut curry with tofu, peppers and green beans that was served on grilled sweet potatoes. Also, there was an arugula salad with peaches, avocado and peanut coconut dressing. For dessert we had coconut ice cream with triple ginger cookies.

It was all so delicious – it may seem like an overwhelming amount of coconut but it wasn’t. The coconut flavor was well balanced throughout the meal and complimented each dish perfectly.

My role came with the cocktails. Before all of the glorious food was on the table, Claire and I took charge of the piña coladas. I had never made them before so we found a standard recipe from Chow.

It was a little chaotic during the process. Several pitchers, spoons and spills were involved.

But I was happy with the results!

Even with so much use of the coconut milk, there is still plenty to go around and it looks like more grilled coconut kale is in the future.


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