The Frozen Yogurt Trials

As a child, one big excitement of summer was getting to go out for ice cream. At the time, I don’t recall many options other than Prince Pucklers, which is where we usually went. However, over the past couple of years, Eugene has welcomed several new and unique ice cream shops all over town.

Two shops that have opened in the past year are Yogurt Extreme and Vanilla Jill’s. Not having been to either since they opened, I decided to try them out on two hot summer days last week.

First, I went to Yogurt Extreme, a self-serve frozen yogurt shop on 13th right by campus. It was fun to go down the line, picking from all the choices. However, with dozens of options, such as an array fresh fruit, nuts, gummy bears, chocolate candies and even mini cupcakes, it was definitely easy to get carried away.

I got vanilla frozen yogurt with fresh strawberries, candied walnuts, chocolate chips, coconut, a Reese’s peanut butter cup and a little chocolate syrup on top. It was fun trying to pair the right combination of toppings and I was happy with the results.

A few days later I took a trip to Vanilla Jill’s outCoburg Road, a bit of a drive but worth it for local and organic frozen yogurt. Vanilla Jill’s is much smaller than Yogurt Extreme but still had good choices. I got the dark chocolate yogurt with strawberries and kiwis on top. The frozen yogurt itself was a bit sour but I thought it balanced well with the sweetness of the fruit.

In the end, both places were a bit pricey – Yogurt Extreme because of how many toppings I got and Vanilla Jill’s for it’s higher quality products, but both were fun for different reasons and I would go back to both if I were in the area when ice cream, er, frozen yogurt, is the only cure on a hot summer day.


2 thoughts on “The Frozen Yogurt Trials

  1. Yogurt Extreme is so good! I go there once every two weeks or so. Such a great array of toppings, and some yummy frozen yogurt flavors. Yeah, it can definitely be steep price-wise. I always get way too much. I have yet to try Vanilla Jill’s, but I certainly will now. Informative post, as always.

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