The Party Cart party!

Apparently, food carts are what the cool kids do and I was missing out. Until the other night, I had never been to any of the up-and-coming carts in Eugene and it was time to change that. With Claire and Nicole beckoning me to join, I trekked over to Friendly and 29th to try out the Party Cart.

It was excellent in every way! The food was delicious and wholesome, the people working were friendly and inquisitive about our eating habits, and the urban feel came as we ate dinner in the parking lot with cars whizzing past.

I got the wheat berry gratin with tomato, chèvre and herbs. Claire got the quesadilla with squash blossom, cherry tomato salsa and a corn salad and Nicole got the zucchini bread grilled cheese with tomato and basil. It was amazing, these people definitely know how to cook and their dishes were all so creative!

The Party Cart is a food cart that offers something new – local ingredients, inexpensive dishes, and original menus. They change their menu about once every week and I can’t wait to see what they will come up with next!

Photograph by Nicole Gautier


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