Martini Thursday, why not?

So I’ve always been a bit skeptical of martinis and always pictured manly men drinking their strong, dirty martinis back in the day. Tonight, however my parents and I ended up at Martini Thursday at Cornucopia and I decided to try my first martini. I ordered a Lemon Drop (not the best quality photo, sorry!) and tried my mother’s Cosmo. The Lemon Drop was sweeter, which is usually what I like, but I liked the cranberry flavor in the Cosmo and I would get that next time. But in the end, I enjoyed them both immensely and now I’m hooked! Suggestions for other places with great martinis?


3 thoughts on “Martini Thursday, why not?

  1. Cosmos are good. Surprisingly, Papa’s soul food made a good Manhattan. So does Meiji. Best place for a dirty gin martini: The Island. Two parts dry vermouth to one part Cascade gin, just a splash of the olive brine, and two olives. Also made another good gin drink: juiced a cucumber with ginger, squeeze a couple lemons, some simple syrup, gin, ice.

    • Ooh thanks for the great suggestions! We will have to go out and try one of those places some night soon, and you must share you martini making knowledge with me in person. Thanks for supporting my blog!

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