Blackberries in the alley

It is the last day of August and autumn is on the way. Not
all is lost, I’m excited for good fall eats and for now, I can still savor the
summer flavors. First was dinner by my mother. She put together caprese salad,
green salad and my new favorite type of tofu – cornmeal herb covered tofu,
lightly fried. It was light and perfect.

Next up was dessert. I felt the need to honor August and
what better way to do that than by picking blackberries! My sister and I spent
a couple of hours in the alleys of College Hill and found tons of blackberries,
dozens almost falling off the vine in a ripe perfection.

With a tray full of berries, I mixed up an oat butter
mixture and made a blackberry cobbler. It was too juicy but tasted delicious.

Au revoir August – you were good to my stomach!


One thought on “Blackberries in the alley

  1. I don’t believe August is done with us yet. There are still berries to pick, corn to shuck and ripening tomatos. How about an Italian polenta cake with berries?

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