Tuesday Boozeday

A few Tuesdays ago, date night out with my friend Angela started at The Vintage.

We first ordered the half off cocktails (the reason we decided to go!) – I had a Berry Mojito and Angela had the Vintage Lemonade. Both were refreshing, and especially needed since the restaurant was quite hot.

After quite a wait, we ordered dinner. I had the Cheeky Chicken crepe with sautéed chicken, roasted red pepper, mozzarella and pesto and it came with a big spinach salad. The crepe was great; it was pretty small but very rich so I was perfectly full by the end of the meal.

Part way through dinner, we ordered a second drink. I had the Peach Sangria and Angela got the Berry Mojito.

Even with delicious cocktails and wonderful food, the Vintage would not be at the top of my list when choosing a place to go out. The service is slow and unorganized and they barely stopped by our table to check on us. Also, at the end of the meal, they messed up our bill twice which added to the feeling of the wait staff being unprofessional.

It was a bummer to have those things happen because it is such a cute restaurant and a fun new place to try – I would go there again but most likely not for dinner, maybe for a late evening drink when the servers would be a bit more focused.


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