Halloween treats

In the spirit of the spooky season (and avoiding the spirit of massive consumption of processed candy) I tried out some fun Halloween snacks this weekend.

On Friday, in preparation for a little pumpkin carving soiree, I baked some vegan pumpkin muffins using a recipe from Post Punk Kitchen, recommended by my sister. I made a powdered sugar and butter frosting for decorating. It was fun to make the little jack-o-lantern faces, Claire did most of them, but the frosting was too sweet and they didn’t need it.

Also, with the seeds from the pumpkins we carved, I made pepitas. Now, I don’t have a great history with pepitas, they never come out right but I still love them as a snack, so I decided to try again this year.

I made two batches. The first, I boiled the seeds for a few minutes then added salt and paprika and stuck them in the oven. I let them cook at 375 for 15 minutes, stirring them occasionally. They were the right texture, but they didn’t have the strongest flavor. For the second batch, I boiled them again but then I added olive oil, salt, paprika and cumin. This time the flavor was right but I didn’t cook them long enough out of mere impatience. Next time, I vow to add enough spices and give them enough time in the oven with the hopes of not being disappointed again.

p.s. The new header is of the muffins before decorating, taken by my father, George Filgate.


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