A Weekend of Food

I’m always astounded by the great food around me that I never take time to fully recognize. So, it’s time for a shout out to my weekend of delicious eating.

Friday afternoon kicked it off with my first visit to the Cornbread Café, a new restaurant that won the Eugene Weekly’s Best New Restaurant. Put simply, it’s a vegan diner. But it’s really so much more. From fried tofu to macaroni and cheese to the cornbread, it is comfort food everybody loves that happens to be vegan. (Check out the other new restaurants the made it into the Best of Eugene, they are all restaurants I love!)

Next up was a potluck at my sister’s house. As I continue to work with vegetables, I have managed to avoid spinach. However, Claire made a great salad for dinner that made me reconsider my contempt for the leafy green. With garbanzo beans, carrots, sunflower seeds and avocado, the flavors matched perfectly with the spinach. Maybe I have found a new vegetable friend?

Saturday evening, my friend Thomas, (author of The Commensal Hedonist) welcomed me to his home for dinner. He made one of the best squash soups I have had in a while. Sautéed bacon, onions and carrots blended with a sweet meat squash and broth took squash soup to a new level for me. The smokiness of the bacon with the creamy, richness of the squash was perfection.

Finally, my mother started her holiday cooking this weekend as she taught me the beginning steps to quince paste. I can’t wait to finish it up and work on other holiday delicacies with her!

Thanks to all the great people around me who inspire me to cook and congrats to the great new eateries in Eugene!


One thought on “A Weekend of Food

  1. Ah yes, I do concur. The sweet delicacy of spinach is only matched by the harmonious tune of the accordion. If we only look back some time ago to the famous cartoon by the name of Popeye we learn that spinach has wonderful health benefits and allows the user to fight people much bigger than themselves. I do hope that you continue your adventures into the foray of the spinach world.

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