Sugar and spice and everything nice

A week into December and it’s time for serious Christmas business. Bustling around to get those perfect gifts, making cards, multiple viewings of Christmas in Connecticut and Elf. I can’t help but be so excited as I prepare for my favorite holiday.

Just hours after I completed (and hopefully passed) my last exam for the term, I headed into the kitchen to start the annual triumph that is Christmas cookies.

First up is a new recipe. Molasses cookies from Chow’s Christmas cookie guide. I haven’t worked with molasses really before so I stuck to the recipe.

They came together quickly but then had to sit in the fridge for a few hours which put my baking plans on hold. Then I just balled them up, dusted them with turbinado sugar and stuck them in the oven. They are so cute and I was really happy with the results.

Meanwhile, Claire created this beauty for her holiday work party – Apple pie!

Tomorrow, I’m hopping on a train to Portland for the weekend, then I’m back to tackle almond triangles, rugelach, ginger shortbread, and hopefully many more before the annual caroling party.

Other family favorites on the way: Dad’s real-man eggnog, Claire’s bourbon balls, Mom’s classic gingerbread. I can’t wait!

And finally – any suggestions for holiday cocktails are greatly appreciated! What are your favorites?


2 thoughts on “Sugar and spice and everything nice

  1. I liked baking together, but working on separate projects. Twice the production, twice the creativity, seven times the fun. Kitchen sharin’ for kitchen gangstas.

  2. I can’t wait to try the Real Man’s egg nog! You should make hot toddies for a holiday cocktail, and (although it’s not technically a cocktail) mulled wine! Try a champagne cocktail, with cassis and grapefruit bitters!

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