Christmas chaos and joy!

Merry Christmas Eve! The past few days have been filled with visiting family, wrapping chaos and hundreds of cookies!

Over the years, my mother has impressed me with a vast sea of cookies that she shares with friends and family. She has passed along those recipes and I have taken on the job of cookie master and love it!

My first round of cookies was ginger shortbread from an old-school recipe torn out of a magazine. They were made for my parents annual Christmas caroling party and were a hit so I had to make some more!

Next up was one of my favorites, rugelach – a little Jewish roll cookie with cinnamon, raisins and nuts.

A few days later upon my oldest sister Ellen’s arrival, we made pistachio coins. These are such festive cookies, decorated with bright red cranberries and green(ish) pistachios.

Last but not least were the almond triangles, also from a decades-old magazine. These ones made me a little nervous because they were a bit undercooked, but they seemed to come out alright! Their flavor is definitely my favorite.

Only hours until Christmas, I can’t believe it! All that is left is boxing up my creations and taking them to those I love.

Enjoy the slideshow (also included are photos from Claire’s beautiful buche de noel and my father in the early stages of making eggnog!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Happy holidays to all! Enjoy eating and drinking and merriment!


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