January Shout-Outs!

My apologies for deserting my love for food and writing this past month!

The honest reason: School is kicking my ass. Just when I thought I was beginning to conquer my classes, week four happened, and it floored me. Still reeling from the stress of last week, I decided it’s time for some shout-outs.

New restaurant – Whirled Pies

Whirled Pies is a new pizzeria on Monroe and 11th and it’s great! They offer whole pies and pizza by the slice. If you just want a slice, you can get one for $2 plus 25 cents per topping. I had a slice with olives and roasted garlic, a house salad and a beer for just $10 and it hit the spot. The restaurant has a homey feel and it’s a great place for a casual meal with a few friends.

Other perks: The birthday book(!), gluten free crust, live music a few times a week, happy hour from 3 to 6 with $1 per slice and $2 beers!

The staff is enthusiastic and so friendly. They say that they are still struggling to find a good flow so try them out and support a new restaurant!

Newest brew pub – Falling Sky Brewing

I met my sister and some friends here about a week after they opened, and it was packed! I was so happy to see an already positive outcome for this little place. They have a wide variety of beer, plus custom pint glasses which make it taste that much better. The food is a bit spendy, but they offer fries with ranch so I can’t say no. It’s close to my place, and again, I want to support a new business so I will definitely be going back!

Best cake of January – Disco Ball Cake by Claire (new author of bikinginspirals)

For a recently attended Disco funk party, I was present (and helped a little) during the creation of Claire’s masterpiece. The glory was made up of three cakes – two domes and one 8-inch circle – and was gluten and sugar free. I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t sure if it would stay together but it totally worked! A perfect globe, plus some edible glitter and sprinkles, and we were ready to disco!

Best “Week 4 killed me and I now I need to relax” meal – Pizza night at my place!

I’ll admit, I’ve recently discovered that I’m a bit obsessed with pizza. So, after the week I had, all I wanted was to drink wine and eat my favorite comfort food with those I love. I made the dough for 3 pizzas (plus I bought one in case), I prepared dozens of toppings and got to work. The outcome… Pizza 1: walnut, gouda, apple. Pizza 2: olive, feta, roasted garlic, pesto. Pizza 3: Caramelized onion, blue cheese, pear. Pizza 4: Apple, feta, walnut, pesto/tomato sauce. Thanks to my guests for the wine/tea contributions and to Claire for the delicious salad!


4 thoughts on “January Shout-Outs!

  1. Thanks for the tip-off about Whirled Pies, gotta check them out. Also just went to Falling Sky for the first time. Really impressed at the convivial air, and just how nice it felt in the space. Welcoming and friendly. Also, dug that there was no TV or blaring music—much easier to sit and talk.

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