Easter brunch (and a vow)

I keep swearing I will write more but it just doesn’t happen. Having not written in awhile, I’m regretting not sharing not only my cooking adventures but my wonderful trip toAshland to visit my oldest sister, where we ate at some wonderful restaurants – Standing Stone, The Black Sheep, Thai Pepper.

Now I’m onto my final term as an undergrad and with a food writing class on my schedule and a continuing love of hosting lavish dinners for friends, I vow to update my blog much more often.

What better a day to start writing again then that of Easter Sunday!

We aren’t church going folks but our faith in the Easter Bunny and quality egg dishes has carried my family through many extravagant Easters. This year was one to top the charts.

I was the simpleton chef of this gathering. My role: Set the table and make a fruit salad.

I don’t like complicated fruit salads with too many fruits or browning bananas. And for god’s sake, why do people continue to put grapes in salads? It doesn’t work.

So with just three types of fruit, I took to the cutting board. The oranges were first, which my mother soaked in triple sec and sugar while the others were cut. Then in went strawberries and a pineapple. It was a citrus delight.

The real wonder came from my mother and a good family friend. Both of them are always inspiration. My mother made a mushroom frittata and a hazelnut chocolate tort. Our family friend brought asparagus with raspberry vinaigrette, and hot-cross buns, while her daughter added a delicious spicy potato gratin to the table.

Add freshly squeezed blood orange juice to our champagne and it was absolute perfection.

Here’s a taste…


So as I finish my last sips of champagne and prepare for the week ahead of me, I promise to eat more, bake more, review more and blog it all!


One thought on “Easter brunch (and a vow)

  1. Looks great! You always have such wonderful looking food. I can’t wait to read more Paula food blogs! Thank goodness for this class, I think it’ll help me put up some more stuff too.

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