A bright, protein-rich salad

I got some great cooking in this weekend. My friend was hosting a potluck and instead of Friday being a homework-filled day, I made it a cooking-filled day. It was a great way to take a break from the chaos of school.

I made my new go-to dessert, hazelnut macaroons. Yes, I know, I keep making them. So, I promise the next dessert won’t be that! Maybe a pie? Ooh, it’s almost berry season, I can’t wait for crisps and smoothies!

So, onto the most beautiful cookbook in the world: Plenty, by Yotam Ottolenghi. It is a newer vegetarian book with the most magnificent food photos I have seen in a while. Plus it’s organized by the main vegetable or grain, not by the course. I picked the quinoa, avocado and fava bean salad. I replaced the fava with edamame. Also, I wasn’t able to find the purple basil leaves so I just left them out, although I think they will use them next time. Other than that, I followed the recipe exactly, a rarity for me.

My thoughts on the salad: It needs more lemon than called for, the creamy flavors of the avocado and beans really need some punch to them. Also, letting fava beans and the quinoa dry completely is important, I think the quinoa would have absorbed more the flavor if I had let it sit longer but my impatience overcame me.

Lastly, this salad introduced me to radishes! I had never had one before. I liked them, a mix between a carrot and jicama, a bit bland, but still added a great crunch to the salad!


6 thoughts on “A bright, protein-rich salad

  1. It was a wonderfully fresh and vibrant salad, indeed! I would like to see more avocado, and perhaps an assortment of beans! Maybe try chickpeas, I wonder? And I bet some corn would be good in there.

  2. I’ll have to disagree on the chickpeas and corn. But you had mentioned fava beans would be better and I would have to agree. Plus, you would love Plenty!

  3. Recently I have been a radish freak. I cut them up very fine and put them on all my sandwiches and salads. It gives them a nice spicy kick. That salad looks great, I bet you could do it with barely or rye berries too (though not as much protein). We should exchange cookbooks sometime.

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