Mother’s Day Planning at the Market

Today was a beautiful day in Eugene and with Mother’s day tomorrow, Claire and I are planning to grill (outside!) all sorts of goodness for dinner. This meant a trip down to the Farmer’s market.

We decided having some snacks was important before finding grill fixins. At the Eugene City Bakery booth we got a beautiful loaf of wheat bread and an apple pastry that was divine. (Thanks Megan! Author of an amazing blog!) I also grabbed an orange lemonade and Claire tried a falafel sandwich!

Stomachs happy and thirst quenched, it was on to the vegetables. We already have peppers and are planning chicken and tempeh for our protein. So, we hunted down some onions and zucchini. Ah, I love summer food, I love grill season! Plus, I always forget about all the wonder the market has to offer, I will be down there a lot more as the bounty continues to grow!

We’re now about half way through Mother’s day dinner planning. I still need to find the right fruit for pie and we’re still figuring out cocktail ideas. Thoughts?

Happy day to all the wonderful mother’s out there! Photos to come!


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