Grilling for Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day again! Here are some photos from the dinner my sister and I prepared for our lovely mother today!

As the grill was heating up we had some bread (courtesy of Eugene City Bakery) with Dubliner and Brie cheese. The cocktail of the evening made by my mother was a negroni – gin, sweet vermouth, cynar (artichoke liquor) with a orange slice. Delicious!

For dinner we grilled tempeh and chicken, small peppers, sweet onions and zucchini. I marinated the chicken in lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper. And for the vegetables, I did the same, minus the lemon and added some balsamic vinegar instead.

And lastly for dessert we had a strawberry peach pie (more of a cobbler) with vanilla ice cream.

It was a great cooking day! I hope you enjoy the photos!

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2 thoughts on “Grilling for Mother’s Day!

  1. The photos are also so beautiful, and look mighty tasty. I still have tons of frozen and canned peaches from last summer if you ever want some for pies! Delicious sexy meal time together soon?

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