Deschutes and Pok Pok in Portland

On Saturday, with an Ikea/H&M/NextAdventure shopping plan in order, my mother, Claire and I headed up to Portland.

It’s always nice to get out of Eugene, even if it’s only for a day, but it’s especially nice to try out some new restaurants.

While my mother picked out a new kitchen at Ikea and after Claire so patiently waited as I did some clothes shopping, we headed to the Deschutes Brewery Pub. It was a wonderful atmosphere, a big open area with a high ceiling and a lot of light. It was busy but it didn’t feel crowded because of how much space they had – just what C and I needed to regroup after shopping.

We got a flight of beers, none of which could be found at the grocery store. This included their hefeweizen, Bayerne bitter, a gluten-free brew, the Angler, Cascade Ale and the Bachelor bitter. I was not a fan of the first and the last, but the rest were quite good, all light beers. Claire and I agreed that none of them popped out at us as being the best, they were all simply good, but not amazing. We then opted for a glass each of another kind – I had the Twilight, a summer classic. And Claire, well, what she had was dark and rich and I don’t remember the name. Oops!

Next up was lunch time. We met up with our mother and headed over to Pok Pok, a great Thai restaurant whose chef, Andy Ricker, was voted best in the Northwest last year. The food was amazing and like nothing I had tried before. For a little appetizer, we shared a charcoal smoked eggplant dish. For my main dish, I ordered Khao Soi, a curry noodle soup with chicken, accompanied with pickled mustard greens, shallots and crispy noodles on top. It wasn’t too spicy and the flavors merged nicely together. Although I must admit, the process of eating it was new to me as well. I managed to use two different spoons, a fork and a knife, all for one soup! (I felt a bit silly, not my finest eating moment!)

It was a great trip but we were all quite satisfied as we headed home – a break fromEugenefor the day, some great purchases and two amazing restaurants!


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