“Food is personal”

My Food Writing class has come to end and I failed to write very much about it! Today was the last class so I decided to at least write a little something.

Throughout the term, we had guest speakers from various aspects of the food world – chefs, foodies from various ethnic backgrounds, culinary teachers, gardeners. They all brought different perspectives to our class but none grabbed my attention nearly as much as our final speaker. Lee Dean, the food editor at the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, skyped with us this morning and had some great advice and stories for new food writers. It was interesting because she said so many of her freelancers aren’t interested in the food stories they turn into her. “Food is personal – you can’t be boring,” she told us and I totally agree! Just like music or sports, how can you choose to write about a topic if you aren’t passionate about it? The interview made me reinvigorated about writing and food, so I rushed home to stop neglecting my blog!

On top of a great guest speaker, our professor brought in yet another treat for us. He is an avid gardener and loves to cook as well. And today he brought in a ricotta cheesecake with berry compote which was delicious! Props to Professor Russial, a long-time editor and professor who can cook and teach a successful and fun class. It was a great class to end my college career with!

And now, my life is ready to go down a new path. I will continue to write about food adventures throughout my summer in Oregon. But in the fall I will be moving to Milan and with a busy work schedule already lined up, I doubt I will be cooking much beyond lunches for two little girls. This makes me a bit sad, but I will try to cook as much as I can find time to do so. Also, to keep those interested on my life updated, La ragazza di Eugene (link to come soon) will return to encapsulate my new experiences.

Until then though, bring on summer grilling, urban berry picking, gin and tonics, endless caprese and relaxing in the sun! It’s going to be a beautiful summer!


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