Let the summer eats begin!

School has come to an end with a beautiful weekend of graduation celebrations – the speeches given, the diploma (or rather empty diploma case) has been received, the champagne has been popped and the cake cut!

Now, I’m a college graduate with a few months of summer to look forward to!

It is just days away from the summer solstice but here in Eugene, but sadly I’m wearing my fleece pants, the fireplace is on and the gray clouds seem endless. Thank goodness that we had a few hot, sunny days which produced some beautiful fruit and kept my sanity intact.

I got about two pints and they were delicious! I also couldn’t believe how big some of them got. Usually our little patch yields small (but sweeter) strawberries. But either way, I was so excited for the bounty! They were later served with lightly whipped cream and a bit of agave syrup.

Also, I came across some beautiful tomatoes at the store, so I had to get some fresh mozzarella to go with them. Those, plus some fresh basil, a drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of pepper – perfetto!

Now all we need is some long term sunshine to make it picture perfect!


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