It begins again

After more than a year away from The Eater’s Dilemma, I’ve decided to revamp it’s image, merge it with La Ragazza di Eugene and restart posting to this little blog about both my food world and my next adventure in Italy.

So let’s give it a try…

Christmas has come and gone in a whirlwind of cookies galore, Booze Santa and of course at least one flaming cake. Now as the dust settles here in Eugene, I have only a few days to prepare for my return to Milan.

But before all the holiday hoopla is boxed up and returned to the attic, let’s take a look at the Filgate clan’s holiday eats…

The cookie preparation began weeks ago when I promised myself I would whip them all out in just a few short days. Come Christmas Eve, and there were still cookies in the oven and unbaked dough in the fridge. But, I kept on it and by the evening, dozens of holiday treats were on the table including my favorite, rugelach!


To add to the sweets was a beautiful Buche de Noel by C, which we promptly lit part of on fire…


Don’t forget about Dad’s famously strong egg nog! This year’s version was a winner to me! Delicious!


Come Christmas morning, out of our stockings came just about enough booze to tide over a person for several years (thanks Jesse!) as well as even more bottles including Aperol, Montenegro and home brew by C! (I think we need to all dry out a bit after the new year.)

So there was a glimpse of what the holidays are like for my family. I’m constantly thankful of being surrounded by such amazing food and even more amazing loved ones! Especially my always supportive mother, father and sisters! I love you all!

20131207_164508 20131221_222158 20131224_202402

It will be hard to say good bye to all of this but adventures in Italy are waiting to be had and therefore I’m off to start packing!

So welcome back to The Eater’s Dilemma and onward into 2014!


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