Christmas 2

It’s a quiet, foggy Sunday afternoon here in Treviglio – the perfect time to reflect on my first full week back. And of course, to catch y’all up on my eats.

Last Monday, (which also was the Epifania – you know, when the wise men met Jesus and somehow Italy added a witch) Luigi and I celebrated Christmas 2!

First up for the day was an afternoon stroll and snack. We decided  that since we couldn’t wait at home for my luggage any longer without losing our minds, we headed out for a chocolate at a new pasticceria, Paolo Riva.


It was rich and delicious, not too sweet and an excellent treat to start our celebrations!

Shortly after our return home, my luggage arrived! A Christmas 2 miracle! So away I went to wrap gifts, find naked troll doll and my other ornaments and prepare for the evening.

Next up, dinner! Luigi slaved over the hot stove for quite some time cooking polenta with fontina, tomato sauce and spinaci. I was in charge of setting the table this time, opening the Franciacorta, (an Italian champagne that is not prosecco) and putting together the crostini with goat cheese and fig jam.


Dinner was great – simple flavors that came together wonderfully (shout out to my mother for the idea of polenta over raw spinach) and we were quite full by the time we settled on the couch for cookies and gifts!


I received a bicycle (not a surprise because Luigi couldn’t find enough paper to wrap it) as well as The Complete Cosmicomics by Italo Calvino. Luigi also framed some lovely prints to go in our Milano apartment when the time comes! I made Luigi a photo book of our summer road trip and gave him Falling Sky glasses to remind us of our fave Eugene birreria.


It was a wonderful Christmas 2 and a nice way to round off the holiday season.

Tomorrow, I add school to my schedule and I hope to find some balance to my new full-time routine.


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