Getting lost in the kitchen

Last weekend was the start of a mini vacation from work. The girls headed off to the mountains for their post-winter break break and since I have classes in the morning I was unable to go with them, giving me about ten days of freedom.

With my time off, I was finally able to spend more time in the kitchen! I was so happy to be cooking again. The woman who I tutor explained how she loves cooking because when you cook, the dishes you are preparing are the only thing on your mind and you forget the rest of the world. That is a beautiful thing and something that I completely agree with.

So as I got blissfully distracted in the kitchen, I tried to document some of my work to give you all a little taste.

Potato pancetta frittata – This was loosely based on this recipe but due to lack of proper skillets and such, I had to wing it a bit. I also left out the roasted peppers and spinach. It was salty and delicious, and made for perfect leftovers the next day!


Tofu and kale salad – I told you we would make this salad again! It has been less than a week but we still had the dressing and kale in the fridge so I put it together again. The shallot flavor was a bit stronger than the first time as it had been soaking in the vinaigrette for a couple of days, but it was still good. Plus, it made a for an easy side dish for tofu.

Soup soup soup! The sunshine in Milan was just a trick – the rains have returned and with it has my love for a hot bowl of soup and a glass of wine on a wet, dark night. This was my first attempt at lentil soup (I partially followed this recipe) –  it wasn’t difficult and I’ll be trying it again soon but it was a bit bland and needed some punch. Lentil soup suggestions?


And of course, because I had free time, I had to test out a new cocktail . . .

Whiskey ginger tonic anybody?

A squeeze of lemon, 2 tablespoons of ginger syrup (which we made a couple of weeks ago) 1 shot of whiskey, and then I filled the rest of the glass with tonic. The simple ingredients made for a nice, refreshing cocktail and it was the perfect way to end my little vacation!



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