Burgers in Milan

Okay time to be honest, I often miss a lunch or dinner out in the U.S.!

I miss giant Capella sandwiches with C. I miss Laughing Planet burritos! I miss taco night at Belly. Although I could never get tired of legit Italian pizza, sometimes I feel as though if I eat another panzerotto or panino for lunch, I will scream!

Alright, alright, I shouldn’t complain, I have my peanut butter and my bagels. I have delicious artigianal beer and Toby’s tofu pretty much whenever I want (poor Luigi and his fish-loving ways).

Something I also still get to enjoy . . . burgers!

In the past couple of years, tons of burger joints have sprung up across Milan. So for dinner a few weeks ago, Luigi and I stayed in Milan after work and headed down to Navigli for an American night out at Tizzy’s NY Bar and Grill.

I’m not a crazy burger fan, (although telling Italians that we went out for burgers got some laughs . . . is that all you Americans eat?) but Spring has been creeping into Milan and the warmth makes me long for grills in the backyard. Also, sometimes you just need a big burger and a cold beer after a long day at work!

So off we headed to Tizzy’s. It’s a nice restaurant – unique in being essentially an American diner yet still maintaining the cool, casual (yet not so snobby) air that floats along the canals.

I ordered the Chad burger, a simple turkey burger with cheese, tomatoes and lettuce. And Luigi tried the Ilana burger with fried onions and swiss. Along with burgers, we also got our own little buckets of fries and of course a couple of pints of beer from Brooklyn Brewery. (Props to them for selling beer internationally at a decent price!)


The burgers were, as I said, simple. The flavors weren’t so special that I was floored, but just getting to enjoy a burger and brew was happiness enough. I have only tried one other burger place in Milan and will eventually try others, but for now, my American food cravings have been satisfied!


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