Pesto and other seaside eats

It’s that time of year. The days are getting longer, weekends at the seaside are becoming more frequent and that means…



We visited Luigi’s family in La Spezia this weekend and we spent Sunday afternoon in Porto Venere, a sweet little town along the coast of Liguria. We trekked around the castle, wandered along the boardwalk, enjoyed aperitivo and bought pesto! Fresh, delicious, salty pesto that made for the perfect snack when we got home Sunday night!

This sunshine we soaked in this weekend tells us that summer is on the way which also means focaccia and cold beer on the beach, fresh fruit, vegetables to grill and of course, spritz for days!

Life has been a bit tiresome these days with my busy work and school schedule, but with spring and summer eats now joining the menu, I feel a bit lighter and am looking forward to what will be passing through our kitchen in the months to come!


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