I’ll have the bruschetta

A free Sunday from work means a giant dinner at our house.

Last Sunday, we decided on grilled cheese, a nice comfort food to finish off the weekend.

But then we paused to think about this buttery, oily, cheese-rich meal and changed direction a little bit to have a less pesante (heavy) dinner. We took away the buttery grilling and that left us with something equally delicious – bruschetta!

Okay, so usually you see bruschetta at a restaurant as an antipasto (appetizer) but that didn’t stop us. We were ready to nom on solely bruschetta for dinner.

We narrowed it down to three combinations of toppings – pancetta, caramelized onions and fontina, fresh tomatoes with garlic and oregano, and lastly apple, walnut and brie. Then of course, we had variations of all of those ingredients. Our plates looked a bit like this . . .


It was a fast, barely-cook-a-thing kind of dinner, but sometimes, the simplicity of this kind of meal is that much better when the food is great!


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