A fresh, white bean salad

These days I’m constantly craving fresh fruits and berries, backyard grilling, refreshing cocktails . . . it’s just weeks away and I can almost taste summer!

And so even with un temporale last night, come dinner time I whipped together a Paula’s-in-the-mood-for-warm-weather-flavors white bean salad.

The ingredients: White cannellini beans, pomodorini, fresh basil, olive oil, fresh succo di limone, ricotta salata (a dry ricotta, similar to cotija) and a bit of salt.

It took about 10 minutes and is well worth remembering. It was as easy as juicing, chopping and mixing it all together before it was ready to go on the table.


We enjoyed it with grilled red peppers which were simply flavored with olive oil and oregano, as well as some crusty pane and a nice Vernaccia di San Gimignano (a white wine).

Your Italian for the day . . .

  • Un temporale – Thunderstorm
  • Pomodorini – Cherry tomatoes
  • Succo di limone – Lemon juice
  • Pane – Bread, a very important word in my vocabulary

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