Grilled melanzane

This week we were hit with an intense heat wave. We had 90+ degrees from Sunday to Friday. Add to that the pollution and humidity in Milan and it has not been the most pleasant week.

The heat also made it extremely difficult to cook. We couldn’t image turning on il forno or having the burners on for too long even at night. This left us with few options. First, don’t cook. We had a couple of no cook dinners such as salads with raw veggies and one night, a juicy cantaloupe with bread and formaggio.

The second option was to grill vegetables really fast and on Thursday we came up with these beauties…


Grilled melanzane, cut super thin to speed up the grilling and then doused in olive oil and oregano. Delicious!

Now the heat is subsiding and we have had two nights of lovely rain storms. And as the gloomy weather continues this evening, on the menu is my mother’s classic chicken burgers!

Italian words . . .

  • Le melanzane – Eggplant (melanzana is the singular)
  • Il forno – Oven
  • Il formaggio – Cheese (another important word to go along with pane)

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