Chicken burgers

Ahh hamburgers, errr chicken burgers. It’s as though I’m here just to feed the stereotipi that Italians have about the  greasy food that Americans eat.

But do I care? Not really, because the other night, we made classic burgers for dinner (that really weren’t greasy at all) and they were awesome.

I used my mother’s recipe from the days that she to deal with her only meat-eating daughter who really only ate poultry…

  • 1 lb of ground pollo
  • A little less than a ¼ cup of milk (usually we use cream, but we only had milk which was fine)
  • A tablespoon of fresh rosemary
  • ½ cup fresh breadcrumbs

We mixed the ingredients together, shaped into patties and we were ready for grilling!


Add to that some juicy cantaloupe and it’s officially tempo di  grigliate in my book!

Your words and phrases . . .

  • Stereotipi – Stereotypes, and a common discussion in my class as we are from around the world and have many opinions about one another!
  • Pollo – Chicken
  • Tempo di grigliate – The time to grill, grilling season

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