Hot, travelin’ summer to rainy, cozy Fall

Oh mamma mia, it’s been months! I understand how the summer slipped away from me, a long month working at the seaside, a lovely vacation to Greece. But now it’s suddenly November and we’re planning Thanksgiving. How did that happen?

So where was I these past months? In August, we spent time at the sea with Luigi’s family before we ate our way through Crete, a welcomed cuisine after a lot of trofie in July.




In September, we prepared for fall, although it didn’t really come in full force, and on the 19th we celebrated Maria and Max’s wedding! Can I get a witness? . . . that song was in my head for weeks leading up to the big day. Also, cake was on my mind . . . chocolate pear cake and spiced cupcakes with chocolate frosting. Yes, Luigi and I are now professional wedding cake bakers.


October flew by for me and ended on a difficult note that had me unexpectedly quit my job after nearly two years working with the same little girls.

But on to new opportunities and of course, more time in the kitchen. Our house has been full of baked cinnamon apples, hearty soups and of course, plenty of squash! A little taste of our Autumn eats . . . apple and sage chicken . . .


And now here we are, almost to the middle of November, it’s pouring rain and Thanksgiving is on my mind. So how does one do Thanksgiving here? Fresh cranberries? Nope. Canned pumpkin or even pie pumpkins? Nope. Turkey? YES. Phew, turkey does exist!

Alright, so the menu isn’t so difficult, but for now we’re cooking for around 20 and a little voice in the back of my mind is saying, “PANIC!” But I’m still going to power through it . . . and you’ll just have to wait and see if Paula can pull off an Italian Thanksgiving!

Until then, I’m off to enjoy some kale squash soup!



One thought on “Hot, travelin’ summer to rainy, cozy Fall

  1. Paula, What a great summary of your recent adventures. Cooking for the wedding, what great presentation. Good luck with your Thanksgiving preparation which I sure will be a success. I’m so glad your including great photographs with your posts. Love ya, Dad

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