welcome to a new year

Somehow January is already more than half way over, but I can still wish you all a happy new year! And in light of newness and looking forward to 2015, I decided it was time for a new look and one food themed resolution. The resolution put simply: we will make one new dish each week.

The details: the dish cannot be a version of something we always make with just a tweak; for example our vegetable and rice stir fry with different vegetables or Luigi’s wonderful piadina but with different fillings. Instead, the dish has to be something different and more interesting, using seasonal produce as much as possible and it also counts if it is a new attempt to a previously failed recipe.

So far we have stuck to it. We’ve had cheesy baked cabbage by Luigi, homemade margherita pizza with rucola, butternut squash lasagne, and for a breakfast take on our plan: beer bread and almond raisin granola.

And to start off the third full week of January right, tonight we are making cauliflower fritters with black beans.

With this new plan, my posts will become simpler – time doesn’t allow lengthy posts even once a week, and honestly, aren’t we all a little overwhelmed with the millions of food blogs out there? I will instead use this as a way to share my little food stories with my friends and family both near and far.

So welcome to a new take on my eating dilemmas and happy 2015!


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