bbq chicken

I’ll admit, I did not actually make the barbeque sauce, but I really, really like bbq sauce so when we found it in the grocery store’s ethnic food area (yuuup, it’s considered ethnic), I figured, why not enjoy something different on our Sunday night in? So, we smothered some chicken in the sauce and stuck it in the oven, we roasted some potatoes, and the result, paired with a nice beer from EnkiAle, made for some fun pub-like grub at home!


Following taglietelle con carciofi (artichokes) by Luigi on Friday night, I whipped up ginger lemon scones for a San Valentino breakfast with eggs and mimosas! It was my first time making scones and they were a success, however, I don’t think that you can go wrong with all that cream a butter!

We have been eating well these days, although the winter foods are beginning to bore me a bit. Because of this, for the coming week I haven’t quite decided what to make for our new recipe. With the schools closed for the week, my work schedule is much lighter leaving more time to cook . . . suggestions anybody? 


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