the eater

As an eater since 1990, I’m not a person who is out there trying everything put in front of me – I’m far from it and often have to explain to new friends my style of somewhat picky eating. But, I love to cook and I want to be healthy and full of energy so let’s say I’m trying.

The food influences that I’ve had throughout my life have shaped a big part of who I am. First and most importantly is my mother and the delicious and inspiring meals she has put on the table year after year. But also, it is the ever-changing food scene in our culture, the past year I have spent living in Italy, as well as how much food and cooking have become a part of my definition of family.

And so as I jump into the kitchen in Milan or try something new at the behest of my boyfriend, I will attempt to share with you my eating and life adventures as I grapple with sustenance.

Cheers to a new start for the Eater’s Dilemma! Enjoy reading and always enjoy eating!



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